A Effort-Saving Booking App for
Masseurs Attracts New Clients

Make a Massage Appointment in 30 Seconds

This is an app for masseurs that works just like Uber's scheduling system. A couple of touches and you're booked!

Chat to Someone Live and Investigate Money-Off Deals

See if your massage parlour has any deals running, or ask an expert about the best treatment for you!

Choose the Right Service and Get Details

Find out more information about your service. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.

Find Your Desired Masseur's Location

Quickly and easily find out the fastest way to your masseur's studio.

Create Your Own Masseur App to Grab More Mobile Traffic

Clients Book You on Any Device

Apple, Android, other - customers find you first.Your app will bring you more clients no matter which Operating System their mobile phone uses. Android, iOS - any device that runs mobile web apps will point to you.

Simple and Attractive Design

The easy way to go mobile.Show off what you've got that your competitors don't! We make it simple for you to go mobile. Our app template for masseurs services will be customised to powerfully promote your parlour.

Time-Saving Expert Development

Your app built quickly without the expense.Hiring a developer to create your app for masseurs from the bottom up is always going to be two things: expensive and time consuming. We already have the technology ready to go.

Integrate Without a Struggle

Fit in with your existing booking methods.The booking specialists on our team will make sure your app meshes neatly with the scheduling system you normally use.

Incredibly Easy to Book!

30 seconds or less to book an appointment.With just a few quick swipes and touches, your new customer will have made their appointment with you. That's how easy it'll be expand your client base!

Protect Your Clients and Yourself

We don't share your data.We know that whatever business you're in, it pays to be discreet. We'll be more than glad to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, and all of our staff members are bound by confidentiality agreements.

A Smooth Fit for Any Size of Business

Get more customers more easily.Your masseurs app will get you more customers, more often. You'll be cornering your part of the market in mobile traffic no matter whether you're a large operation, you operate from your own home, or on a mobile basis.

Get Started Hassle-Free

Find out more with no commitment.Simply give us a call to find out more about just how easy it will be to go mobile with your very own app. Tell us about your requirements, and we'll have a trained and experienced expert tell you about how we'll meet them.

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