GoFantastic One app to book all the services you need

Easy to book. Everything in one place. The ultimate app for home and office cleaning services.

It’s the new way for your customers to book professional cleaning, gardening, and more. They’ll find your service easily. Get an instant free quote. And get their booking with you made in under thirty seconds!

  • Customers will find and book you 24/7
  • Can be customised to suit any type of service from any type of company
  • Get found on any device, anywhere, anywhen!
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BFantastic One app to manage your jobs

Simple to track. Centralised and efficient. All your jobs at your fingertips.

You don’t need to go out and hunt down any more leads. You’ll get a full list of clients provided each and every day. Select the ones you want to do. And then get on with what you do best!

  • Your full next day’s work provided every evening
  • See detailed information, including the clear amount you will be paid
  • Confirm or decline each job individually – you’re your own boss!
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CRM A simple interface that gives you control

Advanced CRM software lets you get and manage your list of daily jobs. Customise it to meet your needs.

You can instantly manage your day’s work with the touch of a button and quick swipe of a control. Get all the benefits of centralised resource management – with none of the hassle.

  • Get all your appointments found for you and presented clearly
  • You stay in control of which jobs you do and don’t do
  • Stay in touch with the office whenever you need to!
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All JobsView all the jobs you have available today.


Confirm/ Decline JobYou choose whether that job is right for you.


Prices and Job DescriptionGet detailed information about the job and how much you'll be paid.


CommentsGot some feedback about your job? You've got three different ways to get in touch.

App Template for Your Business

Get your own app template tailored to your business.

iPhone, iPad, Android – get customers using all devices to book your service now.

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We Know What Matters

Customers Across Platforms

Get customers to book you first. Make sure clients can hire you and book using any device. We'll make sure your app attracts business for you across iOS, Android, Mobile web apps.

User Friendly Design

Go mobile with no messing around. We use a powerful but simple white label app that we adjust and brand for you to clearly show off the benefits of using your service above all others.

Fast Professional Development

No need to start from scratch.You don't need the expense of hiring developers to build your own app from the ground up. We've got the technology in place, and are ready to customise it to match your services.

Enterprise Management and Integration

Integrate your new app easily. Our experienced professionals will link up your new service booking app to the systems you already have in place.

Flawless Appointment Scheduling

Your customers will book in seconds. Thirty seconds is the average booking time. That's how easy it will be for your customers to find and use you.

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Protect your idea.We've been in the industry for over ten years, so we know how vital your intellectual property is to you. That's why we'll be happy to sign a Non­Disclosure Agreement. And why all of our employees sign confidentiality agreements.

Perfect for Any Size of Business

Expand your custom.Large enterprises, small and medium businesses, Internet entrepreneurs - all scales of company will benefit from more business generated by mobile traffic. If you need applications on demand, you've come to the right place.

Easy to Get Started

Stay commitment-free.Contact us any time to discuss your project details. You'll get more information from the expert you speak to. And be able to share your requirements with a trained and experienced specialist.

Your Customers Book in 30 Seconds

They'll start by logging into their account...
A clear list of your services will be displayed
It's easy to click on any of the options to see detailed information...
Our Services menu
Choose time for service delivery
When your clients log into their accounts they get even more functionality
The day schedule, new jobs, history of jobs
Final price, payment
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We Understand Your Business

Dry Cleaners

Work Has Never Been So Easy

You log into your app every evening. You'll see everything you've got booked for the following day.
All jobs
Full information for the job price, time, payment, and etc.
Check in, start the job, take photo, call or send a note
Problem with your appointment? Call in, take a photo, or send a note all from one handy place.
Check out/ finish the job, take photo, call or send a note
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About Us

A technologically advanced company with young engineers

The founders have a background in the service industry, and know the challenges involved in automating the booking process. They built their first app in-house, then decided to replicate it and offer the same solution to other businesses.

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