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Thirty seconds is the average amount of time it takes to book any service.

Quickly Check Details About Your Appointment

Make sure you're getting the exact work you need.

Immediately See Calender to View Availability

It couldn't be easier to confirm your appointment for the right time.

Easy to Access Special Deals and Live Chat

Get in touch with someone and get the best deal before you confirm!

Get Your Own Cleaning App and Become the Uber of Cleaning!

It Doesn't Matter Which Device

More customers find you more easily.Whether they're using their Android device, iPhone or iPad, your app will bring them to your company first when new clients are looking for a company like yours.

Simple But Effective Design

It's easy to go mobile.Your app will be designed around an app template for cleaning services that's been used to great effect before. It makes it incredibly easy for new and existing clients to book you.

Expedited Development Time

We don't reinvent the wheel.We've successfully deployed the technology we use to make your app many times before. When we create your app for cleaning we'll save time - and your money - by building on that.

Polished Integration and Management

No hassle fitting your new app in.You've already got a system in place to take bookings. Don't worry - your new app will fit in around it easily.

Customers Can Hire You in Seconds

Instant booking facilities.It's the same convenience that's led Uber to explode onto the taxi service market! Your clients will find you and hire you in less time than it's taken you to read this page.

Safeguard Your Client List

Your data remains your own.Every member of the highly experienced team who'll be building your app has signed a confidentiality agreement. And at your request we'll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ease your peace of mind.

Find More Customers Online

Grow your client base.All sizes of business will benefit from a whole new stream of customers. Your cleaning app will be like hanging out a dazzling signpost for mobile web traffic.

Talk About Your Project

With no fee or obligation.Give us a call at any time to discuss what you'd like your app to do for you and your business with an experienced professional. Ask for advice, or plan your project - now.

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